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Sardinian herder polyphony... from Belgium


Why Monte Arvu? All group members have something in common: the Montalbo, a mountainon the northeast side of Sardinia. At its feet: Siniscola, village of origin of Tore, Ivo, Manuela, Giovanni, poet Antonio and our adopted “Boelle” ; Lodé: native village of Domenico.

The "Tenore" was made upon request of the municipality of Genk, to be part of the musical group "Muntagna Nera", with which we have toured the largest Belgian & Dutch theaters since 2010.

Our repertoire includes the typical Sardinian shepherds polyphony with the "Canto a Tenore guttural voice techniques," but also "vocals with guitar" (cantu a chiterra) and the most beautiful traditional folk songs of Sardinia.


Domenico Nanu BOCHE 

Giovanni Carta BASSU

Ivo Deledda BASSU, BOCHE, Chiterra gigante/sarda 

Tore Deledda MESA BOCHE, BOCHE, sonete 'e boca

Manuela Deledda BOCHE, MESA BOCHE

Raphaël De Cock CONTRA, Trunfas, flautos, clarinete in sol

Website: Tenore Monte Arvu de Genk

Follow us: Tenore Monte Arvu Facebook

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