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Scientific Projects

My interest yields all possible fields of firefly biology ranging from behaviour, ecology, taxonomy, phylogenetics, morphology, physiology, biogeography, phenology, conservation, monitoring & surveying. 


I also closely follow the literature about other bioluminescent invertebrates and bioluminescence in general.


Equipment used for field studies:

  • portable digital video-microscope 1.3 megapixel, 10x~70x, 200x (Dinolite Pro2 AM-4113T)

  • portable (field) spectrophotometer (USB-650 Red Tide Spectrometer)

  • digital night-viewer with record function 4x40 (Maginon)

  • several types of light traps for the surveying of glow-worm firefly species (LED, betalight, bottle-funneltraps)

  • digital camera (sony cybershot DSC-TX30)

  • live light traps for glowing species

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