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Coronel Coronal

The piper from Léoneis

Solo Open-Air Project.

Coronel Coronal (Raphaël De Cock) sings and plays several types of bagpipes and flutes - on request in full traditional outfit - in open space, street festivals, events and ceremonies, playing as a traditional piper from the Sunken Kingdom of Léoneis (also know as Lyonesse), evoking a musical spherescape as mysterious as the legends of the Round Table...

There was once a land between Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly, known as Léoneis (or Léonois, Loönois, Lodonesia, Lyonesse). According to legend it was flooded and became sea. Only one man survived, Trevelyan, who riding on a black horse managed to reach dry land. The area is also part of Arthurian legend. Fishermen are said to be able to still hear echoes of the sound of lone gone bagpipe players of Léoneis. Others say it is just the play of sounds of strong whistling winds and waves at this place. Rising sea levels since the last ice age fathered the legend and there may have been an island in a not too distant past. Seven Stones Reef, some 18 miles west of Land's End and 8 miles north-east of the Isles of Scilly is all what now remains.


Raphaël De Cock - bagpipes in G (sol), Bb (sibémol), muchosa (old style Belgian bagpipe in Bb), gaitas galegas, säckpipa (Swedish bagpipes), dzhura gaida (Bulgarian bagpipe), alboka (Basque double pipe), klarnet (Turkish clarinet in G), cornet muet, shruti harmonium, jew's harps,  percussion, song


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