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.... A "Kill Bill" story .... but from Medieval Flanders !

Halewyn - audiovisual music project based on ancient Flemish ballad 


Raphaël De Cock presents this contemporary performance based on the famous Medieval Ballad of Lord Halewijn (Ballade van Heer Halewijn).

During his travels, Raphaël discovered that there are countless variants of the ballad from Iceland, Hungary to even Sephardic Morocco, but the oldest roots apparently lie in the region of Flanders.


He brings together artists from different backgrounds in this project in order to create a full range of hybrid perspectives from the different "languages" that each of the artists play / sing / speak / draw / move.


The addition of new music (styles) and compositions provides a contemporary translation of the story, entirely in the sense of the organic development that the ballad also experienced through oral tradition since the Middle Ages, or even long before.

A female singer provides the heroine with a voice.

A singer-actor takes on the role of Halewyn ...

Accompanied by class musicians.

A sound artist creates the right atmosphere with electro and soundscapes.

A sand artist portrays and draws the red line of the story.

The actress converts the inner conflict into dance.


Aline Goffin - vocals, keyboards, ukulele & effects

Nele Callebaut - actress - theater, dance & circus artist


Colette Dedyn - live sand art

Bert Ruymbeek - chromatic accordion

Edwin Vanvinckenroye - vocals, violin, bratsch & viola d'amore

Stef Vanderhaeghe - electronic music & soundscapes

Raphaël De Cock - vocals & musical instruments (including clarinet, thumb piano, flutes, hardang violin), project leader

Jesse Steurs - light and sound

Website: HALEWYN

Follow us: HALEWYN Facebook

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