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OSUNA creates bridges between Anatolia and meridional Siberia, past and present. The Turkish strings of the saz and tanbur blend in with those of the Siberian harps (chatkhan) and medieval fiddles creating a hybrid silky texture. Balkan asymmetrical rhythms, Tuva throat singing, Turkish minstrels and ancient ballads are the themes touched upon by the group. Whether it is in a traditional style fashion or in pure improvisation. A sand artist provides live images projected during the concert.

Check the website to check several programs and the groups agenda.


Emre Gültekin / turkish strings -saz & tanbur, voice, percussion, ...

Thomas Baeté / medieval fiddles, viola da gamba, vihuela de arco, voice, ...

Raphaël De Cock / south-siberian harp-zither çatkhan, shrutibox, overtone harmonic throat song, voice, jew's harps, kavals, ...

Colette Dedyn / live projected sand art


Website: Osuna

Follow us: Osuna Facebook

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