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Gjini Ensemble

Iso Polyphony


Albania has one of the most beautiful polyphonic traditions in Europe. It is chosen as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Gramoz Gjini, his son Brihans Gjini, daughter Laura Gjini and Ylber Gjini belong to a talented musical family.

Gjini Ensemble is a brand new Albanian group of singers, musicians and dancers living in Belgium, created by the professional artists of family Gjini, who sing Iso-Polyphony (A Capella) and if necessary also folk songs of south Albania with orchestra. By occasions, Gjini Ensemble performs with the Albanian ensemble dance group of Brussels, called Vatra, a group of talented youngsters who are keeping the Albanian folk music alive in Belgium. Recently Gjini Ensemble joined this beutiful, magical new project by Muziekpublique: "Voxtra!"


In his native Albania, Gramoz was one of the soloists of the legendary Ensemble Tirana, with which he performed all over Europe. Ylber Gjini, brother of Gramoz Gjini, is probably one of the most famous bariton opera singers of Albania. This ensemble is perfectly in balance due to his powerful voice (ISO-support). Brihans and Laura, the talented children and pupils of Gramoz, are both active in Modern music and in Folk music. This family is dedicated to reviving the rich and – unjustly – little-known polyphonic song repertoire of the regions of Albania.

Raphael De Cock joined the Gjini-Ensemble and is specialised in a particular vocal timre called hedhesi.


Albanian Iso-Polyphonie.

The Gjini Family


Gramoz Gjini marrësi, khtyesi, iso

Brihans Gjini khtyesi, marrësi, iso

Ylber Gjini iso

Laura Gjini marrësi, iso

Raphaël De Cock iso, hedhësi

Additional musicians: Erenik Doli, Ymer Abazi


Website: Gjini Ensemble

Follow us: Gjini Ensemble Facebook

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