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Full Bio

Raphael De Cock is a multi-instrumentalist and singer of traditional singing styles and he is involved in various Belgian as well as international music projects. He also regularly gives workshops and courses.

Raphael discovered the Irish bagpipes, the uilleann pipes, in 1989. In those days he also discovered Tuvan throat singing and overtone singing. This was the start of a lifetime adventure and search for musical instruments and vocal timbres.

  • In 1991 he formed an Irish duo with Sacha Van Loo called Cú Chullainn, which later became the trio Crónán with Greet Garriau (Fluxus, Lupa Luna).

  • His throat singing workshop at the folk summerschool of Gooik in 1998 led to the new sextet Keukkojoen with Griet De Taey, Marijke Visterin, Mieke Evenepoel, Sacha Van Loo, Maarten Decombel, focusing mainly on vocal traditions from Europe and elsewhere.

  • In 2001 he started to play the Galician bagpipe (gaita) in A Banda, and later in A CONTRABANDA.​

  • Since 2003 he is co-founder of the neo-folk bagpipe band Griff (& since 2008 GRIFF TRIO).

  • He sang in the Hispano-Portuguese-Galician ensemble Néboa.

  • He performed at multi-ethnic school projects with Waira between 2007-2009.

  • Since 2007 he plays the Siberian zither (chatkhan) and throatsings in OSUNA

  • He took part in an Irish-Scandinavian fusion project aka NORTHERN LIGHTS.

  • In 2009 he performed Vladiswar Nadishana in  the duo NADISUNA.

  • In 2010 he joined the Italo-Belgian vocal project MUNTAGNA NERA by Graindelavoix, and MELANCHOLIA directed by Ami d' AMUZ Thomas Baeté.

  • Since 2012 he sings the contra part in "a tenore" polyphony with the Belgo-Sardinian group TENORE MONTE ARVU de Genk.

  • Also in 2012 he meets with Sand-artist Colette Dedyn with whom he collaborates amonst others in the MUZAND project.

  • In 2013 he joined Cirque Massala with Aurora Tornalis, a fire-art/street theatre/danse/music project and Trio Zoefi as a spin-off music group.

  • He joins VOXTRA in 2014, an encounter of vocal heritage where he also meets and joins the Albanian iso-polyphonic GJINI ENSEMBLE.

  • In 2017 he joins concerts and records a CD for BALSAM of Zefiro Torna, in collaboration with theatre of Senses Laika it became a tantalizing herb laboratory that tours since 2020.

  • In 2018-2019 he leads an audiovisual music project based on an ancient flemish ballad HALEWYN.

  • Since 2018 he plays with fiddler-singer Edwin Vanvinkenroye in "poetic-folk" duo EDRA

  • He joins the musician collective of Toasaves in 2020 that published their first album Zwerver (CD-label Muziekpublique) in 2022.

  • Since 2020 he is collaborating with MyNoise of Stéphane Pigeon 

  • In 2020 he is also invited by Wouter Vandenabeele to join his Hiraeth project, resulting in a musical voyage and quest for melancholy in Mediterranean traditional music, leading to several concerts in 2022, 2023 and 2024.

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