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Other & Past projects

Links to Past & Other Music Projects

  • Keukkojoen with Griet De Taeye, Marijke Visterin, Mieke Evenepoel, Sacha Van Loo, Maarten Decombel, focusing mainly on vocal traditions from Europe and elsewhere.​

  • Galician bagpipe (gaita) in A Banda, and later in A CONTRABANDA.​

  • Hispano-Portuguese-Galician ensemble Néboa.

  • Multi-ethnic school project Waira.


  • In 2009 he performed Vladiswar Nadishana in  the duo NADISUNA.

  • In 2010 he joined the Italo-Belgian vocal project MUNTAGNA NERA by Graindelavoix, and 

  • Cirque Massala with Aurora Tornalis and Trio Zoefi as a spin-off music group with Leen Minten and Jef Scheepers.

... Check current projects here.

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