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Raphael De Cock is a multi-instrumentalist and singer of traditional singing styles and he is involved in various Belgian as well as international music projects. He also regularly gives workshops and courses.

Raphael discovered the Irish bagpipes, the uilleann pipes, in 1989. In those days he also discovered Tuvan throat singing and overtone singing. This was the start of a lifetime adventure and search for musical instruments and vocal timbres.

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Check his full artistic bio here.

Click here for his page as a fireflies and glow-worms specialist

Listen to his Welcome Word: 

Some Musical Projects


I studied Biology at the University of Antwerp in Belgium (scientific CV). My field of research especially yields the behaviour and ecology of fireflies and glow-worms.


My previous research and  projects focused especially on :


  • colour and glow warning signals in lampyrid larvae (colour and bioluminescent aposematism)

  • the behaviour and communication in diurnal and nocturnal fireflies

  • developing survey mehtods for non-luminous, diurnal fireflies, and for nocturnal glow-worm species

I am also involved in Firefly and glow-worm Survey Projects worldwide and I am currently IUCN SSC Firefly Specialist for Europe with a particular mission.

Please feel free to contact me about scientific collaborations or for advice, or just for brainstorming about some research aspect about fireflies.


Check my contacts


I am always very interested to discover new facts about fireflies,

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